About Me

Gabriel Damon

I am a 15-year-old boy living in Santa Cruz, California. I have loved electronics and programming for several years and have aspired to build robots for a long time. I went to the Santa Cruz Waldorf School for 10 years and now attend Santa Cruz High School. My first robot was technically a project for school, although I was really just looking for an excuse to start building a robot. I ventured into web development in order to control my newest robot, BEN, from the internet. Then I decided I wasn’t busy enough, so I started building websites for small, local businesses. Great idea, right? Well, it’s worked out OK. It earns me money, which I need because whenever I think about COLLEGE I mentally scream. Or maybe literally. Ask my friends, I’m not going to tell you. After college I want to work for NASA, if the government hasn’t cut all funding yet. Or maybe SpaceX. I heard they are hiring. You can always email me at gabrieldamon42@gmail.com.